A request for help in legal campaign: Stop Online Attacks Against Pro-Palestinian Journalists

Loyal readers:

Since September of last year I have been involved in a legal case in the UK against an anonymous Twitter account for defamation. Having suffered years of abuse from Zionist Twitter trolls, I decided it was time to take a stand and call their bluff after having been smeared as an “anti-Semite” – a completely false accusation that I categorically deny and deeply resent.  I am now on the cusp of exposing the account operator’s identity, which would mean I could then move forward with legal action seeking damages for reputational harm.

At this point, I have exhausted my own resources and so have set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for my legal costs. Please consider contributing if you can. Instructions for how to do so can be found here at CrowdJustice:


This case is just one of many against a network of anonymous Twitter accounts that go about smearing whoever dares to hold the Zionist state to account for its apartheid policies and crimes against humanity in occupied Palestine. Others who have been targeted by these trolls have lost their jobs, faced ongoing harassment, and, in one particular sad case, even committed suicide following a Twitter pile-on based on false allegations of antisemitism. I am pursuing this case as much on their behalf as on my own.

This case could serve as an important bellweather for the wider Palestinian solidarity movement. Any help you can provide would help me and my legal team land a body blow to the Zionist propaganda machine and set a powerful precedent for future legal proceedings relating to the Israel lobby’s ongoing smear campaign against pro-Palestinian journalists and activists.

In solidarity,


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