Joe Biden’s domestic policy cabinet picks show he’ll be loyal to Wall Street interests

As The Canary recently reported, US president-elect Joe Biden has already begun stacking his incoming administration with a veritable who’s who of US imperialist warmongering. Many of these figures were veterans of Barack Obama’s presidency, which was in many ways little better than that of his predecessor George W. Bush.

Now, Biden has signalled that he has no intention of taking domestic policy in a more progressive direction either. In recent days, there are reports that Biden is beginning to appoint a familiar cast of Wall Street insiders to major cabinet roles. This shows he has no interest in reforming the US’s bloated and destructive financial sector. And this will likely have consequences well beyond the US’s own national boundaries.

Without radical reform, the world could be in for another financial crisis like the infamous capitalist crash of 2008. And that could mean another global economic meltdown is on its way.

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