A sad loss for the peace movement as long-time activist Kevin Zeese dies at age 64

US activist and lawyer Kevin Zeese, renowned for his role in opposing US imperialism and the ‘War on Drugs’, has died at the age of 64. Most recently, he was a central figure in the ‘Embassy Protection Collective’ – a group formed to defend the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC from right-wing agitators who attempted to seize the embassy on behalf of the coup leaders’ US representatives. He was one of the final four embassy protectors who were arrested following a raid of the building by US Secret Service police.

The Canary wishes to express its heartfelt condolences to Zeese’s family and his huge network of comrades, friends, and fellow travellers in the struggle for a better world. His death represents a sad loss for the peace movement and US progressive politics more broadly. But he leaves behind a legacy of activism and intellectual insight that will remain as a lasting symbol of his life’s work and serve as an inspiration to those who strive for a better world.

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