Iran ‘world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism’, says US. Here’s why that’s utterly absurd.

The US has just labeled Iran the “world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism”. This is completely absurd on multiple levels. Because not only is the criteria completely ridiculous, the US applies flagrant double standards to other countries in the region – not least its closest regional allies Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, these three countries are themselves the world’s leading perpetrators of state terror. So much so that the label ‘world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism’ applies more to them than to Iran, or any other country for that matter.

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  1. Anthony Clark

    Some years ago I delivered a NEBOSH General (Health & Safety) Certificate to Iranian students within the refinery complex at Asalouyeh, just north of the Strait of Hormuz. It was actually in defiance of sanctions. I found the Iranians, Farsi speakers, proudly Persian. They were eager to learn about British and European standards, intelligent and well motivated. As a People they are warm-hearted, professional and a delight to work with. The American state sponsored economic aggression towards them is entirely immoral and nihilist in intention. If the West had sought their friendship at the time of the Revolution they could now be our allies and a major stabilising force in the Middle East. When limpet mines were being attached to oil tankers in the Straight, Iranian naval divers were seen at least once in the act of removing mines that had been planted. Says it all really!

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