Ilhan Omar’s bill backs Americans’ right to boycott Israel. Here’s why it will fail

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has introduced a bill that would protect the right to boycott Israel, apparently related to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. We look at why the legislation is bound to be dead on arrival.

Omar (D-Minnesota) formally submitted the resolution to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Though the bill’s text does not explicitly mention BDS, it unmistakably endorses the movement that seeks to launch an international pressure campaign to incentivize Israel to withdraw from occupied territories and negotiate a peace settlement with the Palestinian leadership

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One response to “Ilhan Omar’s bill backs Americans’ right to boycott Israel. Here’s why it will fail

  1. DDearborn


    Oh golly gee wiz people! WAKE UP! We the people have had the unalienable “Right” to boycott anyone we damn well please since the adoption of the 1st Amendment to our Constitution, including israel! This is not my opinion, this is a fact born out even a cursory reading of the 1st amendment. And it is backed up by a unanimous Supreme Court ruling dating all the way back in 1982; NAACP VS> Claiborne Hardware Co. which reaffirmed that the right to “boycott” is protected by the 1st Amendment.

    Doesn’t ANYBODY THINK IT IS STRANGE that such a contentious issue which clearly violates citizens 1st amendment rights has been allowed in so many states?????????????? Or the fact that this gross and blatant violation of the Bill of Rights is supported by the vast majority of “out” representatives in Congress and the White House?

    The whole point of this “amendment” is to con the American people into thinking that they don’t have the right to boycott Israel unless a “law” is passed. Then, after the amendment fails, dimwitted citizens will accept the government’s stomping all over their unalienable 1st amendment rights in order to protect a foreign country from the criminal prosecution its war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid demand….

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