There are strong left-wing reasons to leave the EU. But there’ll be no ‘Lexit’ under this Tory government.

Brexit is often presented in binary terms: progressives support Remain while reactionaries support Leave. But things are far from that simple. As the idea of ‘Lexit’ (‘left-wing Brexit’) shows, support for Leave cuts across black and white ideological divisions. Is Lexit really viable in the current political climate, though?

Neither a right-wing Brexit nor a neoliberal EU

Some left-wingers have presented Lexit as a rejection of political elites on both sides of the debate. As the leader of the Irish People Before Profit party, Eamonn McCann, put it, Lexit provides a choice “between the racist, neo-liberal elite of the European Union on the one hand and a raggle-taggle collection of right wing loonies”.

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