The religious right rallying behind a dead brothel owner is a perfect analogy for Trump’s America

An obscure Republican Party candidate for the state legislature of Nevada died last week at the age of 72. The death would not normally have attracted much attention. But given the unusual features of his life, his support from the evangelical wing of a party known for its religiosity and social conservativism provides an illuminating case study into the deep cynicism, hypocrisy and venality of those who make up Trump’s base.

No ordinary politician…

Dennis Hof, who dubbed himself the “Trump from Pahrump” (after the small Nevada town he lived in), was no ordinary politician. Whereas the stereotype of the typical Republican Party candidate is that of a Christian pastor like Mike Huckabee or corporate bigwig like Mitt Romney, Hof made his living as an owner and operator of businesses catering to lust – one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Christianity. And he didn’t go about hiding this fact either. His strip club and five legal brothels featured in US TV documentary series Cathouse.

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